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What is KeepRx?

KeepRx, offered through MedicareUSA, drives patient retention outcomes for pharmacies with Medicare patients who are newly eligible or selecting a new Medicare plan during the Annual Election Period.

One of the largest insurance brokers in the U.S. focused only on Medicare, our sole motivation is to place your patients in the right plan for them and your pharmacy.

Revenue at Risk

Up to $176k revenue is at risk each year.

Whether you are a retail or independent pharmacy, you will lose patients as they become eligible for Medicare (turn 65 or retire and lose their insurance) and during open enrollment when Medicare beneficiaries shop around for a new plan, if your pharmacy is not preferred in the health plan’s network.

Is Your Pharmacy at Risk?

Thousands of dollars in revenue is at risk each year. Our free program helps you minimize this risk.

Pharmacy Preferred

Is Your Pharmacy Preferred?

Your pharmacy is preferred in fewer than 30% of health plan networks on average. Most Medicare patients on a fixed income cannot afford the co-pay differential to shop at your pharmacy if you are not preferred in their plan.

Educate Patients

Educate Patients

This requires time and expertise and most pharmacists are ill-equipped to handle in-store requests for help in choosing a Medicare plan. Those newly-eligible patients and patients looking for support during the busy open enrollment season require even more time.


Support Your Patients

Stores lose patients and revenue when they become newly eligible to Medicare. KeepRx will help your Medicare customers choose a store-friendly MAPD or PDP plan, and help retain your customer base, at no cost to the store.

How KeepRx Works

Our free program is designed to help your patients find the right Medicare plan in which your pharmacy is preferred.

Help Patients

How We Can Help You

We've developed a number of tools including presentations, webinars and flyers that help explain how you can easily direct your patients to HPOne to hold their hand through the health plan selection process.

Support Patient

Support Your Patients

Our licensed agents are trained to educate your patients on their Medicare options and take the burden off of pharmacists. Other support, such as informational brochures and more are available to support your patients.

Earn Reward

Earn Recognition

The more patients that you engage, the more recognition that you will earn for yourself and your pharmacy. Patient leads will be tracked by store, reports generated, and those pharmacists most engaged with the KeepRx program will be announced in newsletters.

Who We Are

MedicareUSA is a consumer website owned and operated by HealthPlanOne, one of the largest and most reputable health insurance agencies in the United States. Founded in 2006, the company has seven offices geographically dispersed throughout the country with nearly 1,000 employees. Our company has contractual relationships with all major national carriers and most regional carriers in the US. MedicareUSA is focused solely on, and consequently is, an expert on selling Medicare plans direct to the consumer.

Our company started a pharmacy-focused division in 2017 and created KeepRx, a patient retention program for community pharmacies, supported by highly trained and licensed phone agents who help Medicare-eligible patients learn about their Medicare plan options and select an appropriate, pharmacy-friendly Medicare plan. One of the differentiating factors about the company is that all licensed insurance agents are employees, not independent contractors beholden to one carrier.

We require that our employees are licensed to sell Medicare plans that are important to you. Because we are national and because our licensed agents are employees, the Commissions to agents are the same across all carriers. This is a critical success factor as the agent’s sole motivation is to place your patient in the right plan for them and your pharmacy; the agent has no economic incentive to do otherwise.


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